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Purpose: 900 plastic pelletizer, the recommended number of slivers is 25-45, the capacity is 900kg / h.
1: The pelletizer adopts Siemens Bede motor and blue ocean Huateng inverter.
2: The feeding wheel of pelletizer is made of 38CrMoAlA.
3: The back of the rack adopts hollow design, which is beautiful and generous.
4: The whole machine adopts plastic spraying production process and 3mm stainless steel plate to prevent corrosion.
5: The bearing is sealed with oil seal or O-ring to protect the bearing from moisture and foreign matters.
6: The equipment is equipped with 220 V two-phase plug-in board, which is convenient to connect and use two-phase equipment.
7: The equipment is equipped with four sets of circuit control system, which is convenient for customers to use, and the workshop is cleaner and safer (including bar shaker, vibrating screen, vertical fan and high-pressure fan storage bucket)

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